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Have Your Security Agencies Put A Ball and Chain On When You Can Quit and Your Salary

Many Security Officers have concerns about entering an agreement because in the thick document (called the Letter of Appointment) contain things they have no interest in UNTIL they decide to leave the company. Like how long before they can resign, Bonds that is tied to things like training and other courses and payment for penalties when the client is engaging the security agency been penalized.

If you are worried or have experience with the above situation, then this might be the most interesting posting that you EVER READ.


Why 1 September 2016 Has Been The Most Important Month For        Security Officers For The Last Twenty Years!

The Progressive Wage Model Was Announced in 2014 and Implemented on 1st September 2016. So what is the Progressive Wage Model For?

  1. To Raise The Security Officers’ Basic Salary
  2. To Raise The Educational Standards For Security Officers

They are both work in process, but I will do my best to explain to you in simple English

Senior Security Officer Needs Pass Two Modules That Allows They To: Monitor The CCTV Full Time, To Giving Out Keys That The Client Says Is Important AND Take Control Of Lifts, Fire Alarm, and Carpark System During Emergencies. (Basic Salary Based On 8 Hours of Work is $1,300)

Security Supervisors Needs Pass Three Modules That Allows They To Supervise and give instruction to Security Officers Under Them, Manage and Respond To Events and Emergency Evacuations. (Basic Salary Based On 8 Hours of Work is $1,500)

Senior Security Supervisor Needs Pass Four Modules That Allows They To: In Control Of A CCTV Center or FCC(Fire Control Center determine by SCDF), Conduct Security Audits and Risk Assessment and Creating a Security Officer’s Training Plan. (Basic Salary Based On 8 Hours of Work is $1,700)

Chief Security Officer Needs Pass Seven Modules That Allows They To: Security Events Planning, Conduct Security Threat Analysis, And Management Of Security Personnel – Development and Disciplining (Basic Salary Based On 8 Hours of Work is Up To The Company and The Individual)

By the way, Beware Of Security Agencies That Places Unusual High Bonds On Officers After They Complete Their Courses. (Like Thousands of Dollars Plus You Can’t Resign For 6 Months).

And Here are Eight Things That Security Officers Hate When Working With A Security Agency

1.Being Bonded With The Company

2.Penalties They Have To Pay Even If Are Not Involved

3.Paying For Courses That They Are Forced To Go For

4.No Incentive or Appreciated Even Though Clients Says Good Things About Them

5.Money Is Not Paid On Time

6.CPF Is Not Paid In Time Or Less Than Its Should To Be

7.Not Treated Fairly By The Agency

8.Placed At Worksite Too Far From Their Home

Security Officers have it tough enough to work the hours and endure the complaints and the last thing that I believe is to make it more difficult to work with an Agency that doesn’t appreciate the work the officer is doing and placing heavy demands on them while they are working or lost interest working with the security agency, and looking for a different challenge.


It’s No Secret That Government Want Singaporean To Be Happier With Better Qualities While They Work As Security Officers

And Here Is A List of 11 Things That Security Officers Like When Working With A Security Agency

1.Paid Better Than An Average Security Officer

2.Paid As Promised In The Interview

3.Given Some Incentive After Working With The Company After A Certain Amount of Time

4.Not Having A Bond With A Company

5.Having Courses Paid For Them That Helps Them In Their Work

6.Incentives and A Thank You For Good Work That They Done

7.Money To Be Paid On Time

8.CPF To Be Delivered In Their CPF Accounts On Time

9.Treated Fairly Like Family In The Security Agency

10.Shorter Travelling Time From Their Home To The Worksite

11.Forward Moving Career Path If Officer Wish To Upgrade Themselves In The Security Field


Is It Really Possible!!! All The Benefits And None Of The “Penalties” Working For This Unusual Security Agency

We at SMS Investigation & Security recognize security officers as both staff and partners in making the security environment as pleasant as possible to function in. Making salary better than average, in treating officers as they should be treated and paying them on time without cutting concerns and all that without a Ball Chaining Bond when you are with our company. Is this just a small step to treating security officers better.

Here Are Four Super Guarantees When Working With Us

Guarantee Number 1. No Crazy Bond With The Company

Guarantee Number 2. Have Your Salary and Advance Given On Time Every Time

Guarantee Number 3. Treated The Way You Should Be Treated

Guarantee Number 4. Appreciate and Incentives Will Be Given You When You Are Praise By Clients


What Will Be New In The Security Industry

Clients and many people have been asking me what do I see the security industry landscape is going to be like in the near future. And this my future prediction:

Advance Automation of Security Equipment that will, in turn, reduce the manpower at more and more worksite, and at the same time, workload and importance will increase when effective security equipment is in place.

Better Salary will be tied in with more training in hopes to raise productivity when the automation security infrastructure is matured and in place. Thus causing a bigger Bond (Money and Staying In The Company) For The Security Officer(I call this A Bigger Ball And Chain).


Still Interested – A Security Agency That Pays You Top Dollar, Near Your Home With No Bond Then Read On

If You Can

  • Record: Writing people and vehicle coming in and out; and short reports
  • Report: If something is wrong or unusual; you report the matter
  • Enforce: If someone is not playing by the rules, you inform the person what they are doing isn’t right


For SMS Security Officers Employees

  1. Submit Off days and Leave
  2. View Payslip – point to ReadyPay Payslip
  3. Refer a security officer

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