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If You Are Undecided about Joining The Security Industry, Read On

Are you a hard-working, honest, and sincere person that would consider joining the growing security industry?

If so, read on.

My name is John Sng, and I run a security agency called SMS Investigation & Security Pte Ltd located at 165 Bukit Merah Central on the 8th floor. I am looking for people that I can help who can also help me.  People who are

  1. Honest
  2. Willing to Work
  3. Got a Security Cert but not sure which agency to join
  4. Little education and can’t find work
  5. Educated but can’t find work
  6. Tight on money and need money soon
  7. Got to support a family
  8. Got to support yourself

However, there things that I don’t want from a Security Officer, and they are

6 Things SMS Security Does NOT Want From A Security Officer

  1. Lazy: Just refuse to work
  2. Wants more money for doing little or nothing
  3. Physically disable
  4. Can’t speak a word English
  5. Indiscipline and unwilling to change their ways
  6. Not willing to work as a team

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PWM Write up for Security Officers


If you are reading this, you know one of many things happening in the security industry section. There is an improved Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for some sections in Singapore; cleaning, landscaping and security.  Singapore calls the PWM is a wage + for the people joining the security industry.


So you must be thinking about what it means to you if you are holding a security license in Singapore.


Two decision was made in 2018, one to remove the Overtime exemption on security agencies for a security officer to get more days off.

The second decision that the security officer will receive a higher basic salary from January 2021. So what does that all mean to you.  


  1. That is an increase in rest for all officers; worksite, you will have more time for yourself in terms of breaks(tea and other “me” time stuff.” And more days off than if you were working in 2020.  


  1. And increase in salary, especially when you decide to work on rest days and public holidays when you will see the “wage +” come in.  


More Pay Means More Training To Go

Not too long ago, a person with no security experience can join a five-day course that was simple to pass and become a security officer; and however, they have to complete an extra course called Recognize Terrorist Threat (RTT); if they can’t clear that course. They still can work at condos and warehouses, those that don’t have RTT.  

Deduction in manpower for all areas

Of course, with the improved salary comes clients asking security agencies to reduce manpower in their contract to adjust to the cost. So more pay = more work and less people.  


Security Industry is recession-proof; proven by Covid 19


Covid 19, at the beginning of the lockdown, is breaking businesses left and right. But the enforcement side of the Covid 19 can provide job opportunities to all job seekers that lose their job to Covid 19.


While most businesses are forced to shut down during the Singapore Lock Down, the security jobs continue because it’s essential that everyone, including the government, understands it is even more critical during the Covid 19 period. If you see enforcement jobs like safe distance ambassador, TraceTogether Team, and temperature takers are just security dresses in different clothes. So the security jobs have proved to be recession-proof this time.  


Barrier of entry to the security industry is still low

Earning $2,500 a month isn’t difficult if you don’t mind the work, location, and time. To be a security officer, you don’t have to be 


  1. Highly educated to pass the basic modules: A Okie command of English can already get you a security officer license.  


  1. Physically not too challenging: If you sit, walk and record and use a handphone to communicate, you can do the required necessary security work.


In a nutshell, security work uses the best exchange of time for money even if education and physical is limited. If you have the right attitude to your work will help you get through the day and advance your position.


Technology is the Big Next Step For The Security Industry


The ability to use gadgets and technology to help the security work operations work for better security outcomes. More security agencies are working with software companies to provide better security officers tools to work with. With a phone or a tablet, the security agency can take attendance, incident report, and many other things instead of having four books to write on every day. All that is reduced to a phone or tablet; if the security officer is willing to use it.  


Get comfortable with technology; to cut out the repetitive task in the security work


So get comfortable with technology, like you get attached to your smartphone to do your everyday things. Do The same thing for the security agency that has given you all these tools to cut out the task that should be cut because it is just repeating the same thing over and over. And be more productive with time at the worksite so that you can learn and grow. The security industry is more advanced than it ever was, but the important thing is the people who drive the technology, and that will be you, just making things better for everyone.  


What is the right salary?

Is what is the right salary for me? If you are looking for the highest salary, then the newspaper has some companies that pay high salaries. Still, they likely have a catch to give those higher than most security agencies can pay.


My question to you, what is the right security agency for the salary that makes sense for me?


 Location(how close is the workplace from where you live), if you are comfortable working at the worksite with the security agency, and the salary for the work with the company’s support when I need help. That could be more important to a security officer wishing to exchange his valuable time for the value of his service.  

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